Ferrari: a symbol of Italian craftsmanship, design and style.

Passion, quality, design, tradition, work ethics, etc etc.

Why is “Made in Italy” is synonymous for excellence all around the world? A reputation that Italians have earned with hard work, creativity, attention to details and dedication.

But why choose “Made in Italy” over other origins?

As I am Italian, this might sound a little biased, but I’d like to go over with you the reasons why the “made in Italy” brand is so much respected and always in-demand worldwide.

Italian Master Tailor at work.

Passion. Yes, I will start with passion. I believe that’s where it all begins. Italian professionals typically love what they do and they put a lot of pride in it. At times, I find myself arguing with my Master tailors in Italy because they think what the clients want doesn’t make sense… when they could just do what they’ve been told to do! That’s how much passion and love they put in their creations.

A family of Tailors working together

Tradition. Many of our Artisans are sons, grandsons, great-grandsons of Master Tailors. This means that those “little secrets”, ways to operate, respect for what you do, have been passed along and taught from generation to generation.

Basilica di San Pietro – St Peter’s Basilica.
La cupola di Michelangelo

Attention to details. Italians are obsessed with details. Have you ever been inside a 1000 years old church in Italy? These places are incredibly detailed in their construction, every inch of it says something; their architecture, paintings, designs, etc… and this was centuries ago! Today this “obsession for details” is still alive among many Italian Artisans and it is reflected in many industries such as fashion, automotive (cars), furniture, jewelry…

Ducati workers in action – Italian workers are well taken care of by the system.

Labor rights. Italy might have many internal issues but one thing that you can stay assured about is that the workers are well respected. Environment, health care, benefits, cap on weekly-hours, holidays, pensions… Workers have rights and if employers step on them, they will get in trouble. Not mention child-labor is also taken very seriously in Italy. Employers are immediately jailed and put out-of-business if found exploiting children at work. No messing around with this.

After all, the equation is simple: happy worker + good materials = excellent product!

Italian Top quality fabrics are the foundation of success for fashion houses like Gucci, Prada, Zegna, Kiton, Brioni, etc

Raw materials. Some things you just can’t find outside of Italy. For example, wool fabrics are at the base of our business (we custom make suits, sport jackets, trousers). For instance, why are the best fabrics in the world from Biella (Piedmont region)? Because the raw wool is washed with water sourced in the Alps. And since the water can’t be exported in huge quantities, it wouldn’t make sense under the cost perspective to move the production elsewhere in the world. Ask those Chinese companies that have been trying to copy our fabrics for years and have come nowhere close in terms of quality…they had to give up and keep buying fabrics from Italy!

After all, my point is: When you see something too cheap to be true, think about it twice before purchasing it. There’s a reason why you’re paying only $3-400 for a suit (just an example…). Think of the materials used for that product, the manufacturing process, the people that made it, the shipping/custom costs, warehousing, etc….
Whatever you decide to buy, you end up supporting that cause and everything behind it.

So follow the Italians when it comes to valuing things, always choose quality over quantity.

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