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truly expresses your personality.

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Massimiliano Mattetti
Owner & Founder of Massimo Roma
I have spent my last twelve years dedicating myself to what I always loved: menswear.

Although the passion for being well dressed started a long time ago, I spent my first 17 professional years wearing an impeccable uniform (Italian Navy) that probably got the clinical eye for “perfection”.
Having worked for so long in the industry, I have had the luck to connect with key people in the industry. This way I have not only grown under the professional aspect, but also built relationships that allow MASSIMO ROMA to offer affordable top-quality products at affordable prices.
Today, after having served over 6000 clients (from all over the world), I still enjoy helping people building their wardrobes that reflect their personalities/style, just like the first day I started.
My goal is not only to get my clients dressed well, but also to leave with them a unique shopping experience that leaves a personal connection with their Custom Clothier.

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Claudia Moran
Custom Clothier & Fashion Expert
Claudia, a bright and charming fashion expert, is the perfect example of what Massimo Roma is all about:
obsession for style, attention to details, 100% dedicated to support clients' needs.
These characteristics make her a fantastic custom clothier that will help you put together the perfect combinations of fabrics, colors and patterns.
You can stay assured that her feminine input and experience in custom made clothing, will take your wardrobe to a whole new level.
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Sujheil Garate
Custom Clothier & Fashion Expert
Sujheil is a bright and enthusiastic professional. Originally from Venezuela, Sujheil moved out to Miami for its multicultural atmosphere and posh lifestyle.
She's been passionate about fashion since she was a child and over time, she has developed a sense of style that is second to none.
Sujheil loves helping people to define a style and always takes the time to learn and understand her clients' needs. Her ultimate goal is always help clients express their true personal style from the fit to the details.