Bespoke Shoes

Let your fantasy be the only limit for your next pair of shoes.

The perfect pair of shoes. You have always dreamed about them but have never been able to find them in stores. Either the color wasn’t available or the design was not quite what you wanted or they were missing your size or…there was always something to prevent you to get your fantasy pair of shoes.

Now, the wait is over. Massimo Roma lets you design – with a sophisticated 3D online software – and create the perfect shoe. Construction, design, color, material, type of soles, half sizes, narrow or wide width, type of comfort…you’re in full control.

Book an appointment now and come to test our shoes. You will love to feel with your own hands the craftsmanship, the quality of the leathers/materials, the comfort & the chance to add all the options that you always wanted….

We promise you’ll never go back to conventional shopping again!

PS – Please note, you cannot order a shoe online until we know the exact size and width of your feet. That is why you need to come in and test our shoes first. After the first order, then you’ll be able to order online.