Tailored Suits – at your work, home or at our showroom.

A Personal Experience

Our “Personal Tailoring” service puts at your disposal our decennial experience in custom-making, meeting you wherever it is more convenient for you. Whether it will be at your office, your home or by our showroom, we’ll bring the full Made-to-Measure experience to you.

Easily book your personal tailoring

Call us, set a date & time and let’s design the suits, sport jackets, dress shirts or trousers you’ve always envisioned. You can also book online by clicking the “Appointments” tab above.

A private custom clothier will show you the many available options and simple procedures. After than, he will take your measurements to make sure the final garment will reflect your vision of “perfection”. He can also share his opinion with you, if you want.

Timely Delivery

4-5 weeks later, your garments are in from Italy and a final fit of the garments is given. If needed, final adjustments are made and within about 3-5 days, your garments are delivered to fit you exactly the way you want.

Saving you time and costs, this luxurious yet affordable service will require no effort from your end.