The most competitive prices in Miami and NYC are here. Let our clothiers explain to you the value of our garments.

Prices - Massimo Roma

Understanding fabrics, origin of craftsmanship, constructions, and available options is key to give you the real value of your wardrobe investment.

With exclusive Italian Craftsmanship, your garments will be tailored with either premium Italian or British fabrics:
Fine Wool (4 seasons and tropical wool), Wool blends (blended only with natural fibers such as silk, cotton, linen), Silk, Linen and Cottons.
Depending on your needs for your dress shirts you will be able to choose from: 100% cotton (different types), cotton/linen blend or 100% linen.


Bespoke Suits from $995 to $2495

Bespoke Tuxedos from $1495 to $2995

Bespoke Sport Jackets from $795 to $1995

Bespoke Trousers from $395 to $695

Bespoke Dress Shirts from $275 to $295

Bespoke Shoes from $395 to $595



“MILANO”: 2 Suits, 1 Sport Jacket or Blazers, 3 Dress Shirts: $2,995 ($525 savings)

“ROMA”: 4 Suits, 2 Sport Jackets or Blazers, 2 Trousers, 6 Dress Shirts: $5,995 ($1835 savings)

“MATRIMONIO” : 4 Tuxedos, 4 Dress Shirts, 4 Pocket Square, 4 Bow Ties: $5,695 ($1265 savings)

Tailored with premium Italian fabrics – Super 120’s or Drago Super 110’s

 Depending on your selection and needs, we will “custom tailor” the perfect wardrobe package for you.

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