Alterations in Miami – Brickell

Onsite alteration & tailoring services in Miami. Just come in and talk to us, so we can determine what’s needed during your fitting and will let you know what charges apply.

We are located inside the Brickell Arch building:
1395 Brickell Ave Suite 900, Miami.

Book an appointment online, or just simply call us (305) 998-0409.

When a garment is still in good shape and needs to be fitted again because of weight loss/gain or for any other reason, alterations are needed.

Our wardrobes are often packed with clothes that we don’t use much because we don’t like the way they fit. So instead of wasting these garments collecting dust in your home, bring them to us and we’ll shape them up they way you want it.

At Massimo Roma we are 100% committed to assist you with wardrobe needs, whether you need custom made garments or just want to fix some of your own.