Why our prices are an excellent value on both Custom & Ready-to-Wear garments?

1. Made in Italy
2. Best fabrics offer in the world
3. Full canvas construction on all jackets
4. Full optional suits and jackets (*)
5. Get fitted by clothiers with decades of experience

Come and visit us to understand why you shouldn’t waste your time shopping around.

The home of “Made in Italy” is here.

Suits from $2295

Vests from $795

Tuxedos from $2995

Sport Jackets from $1895

Trousers from $695

Dress Shirts from $375

Shoes from $499

2 Suits, 1 Sport Jacket/Blazers, 3 Dress Shirts: from $6,995
($715 savings)

4 Suits, 2 Sport Jackets/Blazers, 2 Trousers, 5 Dress Shirts: $14,995
($1,440 savings)

4 Tuxedos, 4 Tuxedo Shirts, 4 Bow Ties, 4 pairs of shoes: $14,995 ($1,581 savings)


We can “custom tailor” any package around our clients’ need.

Tuxedo:                 $1,995

Suits:      $1,495 – $1,795

Sport Jackets:     $1,295

Dress Shirts:           $295

In a rush to get a suit or sport jacket? No problem!
Our Ready to Wear collections feature sartorial construction
paired with luxurious Italian fabrics such as:
Cerruti 1881, Vitale Barberis, Drago and Carnet fabrics.



nderstanding what you are buying is key to see the real value of your investment. Not all garments are made in the same way hence, do your homework before choosing the cheapest clothier.

With our garments, we offer:

  • a wide selection of luxurious fabrics from Italian or UK mills such as Zegna, Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Holland & Sherry, etc.
  • authenticity on the origin of craftsmanship. Our garments are made only by Italian Maestros in Italy;
  • a true sartorial construction. Entirely hand-stitched inside and no glue. This is to provide more comfort, breath-ability, a softer feel and a more natural look;
  • available options are all included in the price (functional sleeve buttons, mother of pearl/horn/corozo buttons, bemberg/cupro linings, etc etc);
  • advice from an Italian Master Clothier (true expert in fabrics & fitting, not a salesperson pushing any kind of sale).
  • Shatnez-free certification is also available on-demand.

A wide range of superfine fabrics is available, from tropical weather wool to 4 seasons and winter wool.

Blends are also available, keeping in mind that we do not sell man-made fibers so our blends are only with natural fibers such as silk, cotton, linen, and wool.

Depending on your needs for your dress shirts you will be able to choose from 100% cotton (different types), cotton/linen blend, or 100% linen.