meet the founder


“Your clothes are the expression of who you are, what you love and what inspires you.
Let us help you build a wardrobe that represents you and yourself only.”

Massimiliano Mattetti
Custom Clothier – Founder of Massimo Roma

Born and raised in Rome, I have spent my last fifteen years dedicating myself to what I always loved: menswear. However my passion for being well-dressed started a long time ago, with my first 17 professional years, when I had to wear an impeccable military uniform. This experience probably gave me the clinical eye for “perfection” that I am using for our bespoke program.

Having worked for so long in the industry, I have had the luck to connect with key people in the industry. This way I have not only grown under the professional aspect but also built relationships that allow MASSIMO ROMA to offer affordable top-quality products at affordable prices.

Today, after having served over 6000 clients (from all over the world), I still enjoy helping people building their wardrobes that reflect their personalities/style, just like the first day I started.
My goal is not only to get my clients dressed well but also to leave with them a unique shopping experience that leaves a personal connection with their Custom Clothier.

meet the alterations specialist

Maria Ruth Martinez

Alterations Specialist & Custom Designer

Maria has spent her last 30 years in the USA doing what she loves to do most: making her clients look good.

Her extensive work experience in luxury stores (Dolce & Gabbana, Saks Fifth Ave, Nordstrom, etc) has taught her how to make every client happy, even the most demanding.

The haute-couture is her bread & butter!

In addition to alterations – being a skilled designer herself – she can also custom tailor suits and blazers for women.