Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions.

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How long does the appointment usually take?

Depends on if you know what you want.
Typically it takes between 30-45 minutes for custom made. 15-30 minutes for alterations.

What are your prices?

For custom and ready-to-wear made-in-Italy garments, please refer to our pricing page.
For alterations, it really depends on what you need to alter. For example, pants hem is $25, waist and seat is $35, jacket waist is $60, taper shirt is $40.

Can I get a discount?

We offer discount packages to help you save on multiple items (see examples in pricing page). We can also “custom tailor” a package so you can save! However, our margins are too low to offer discount on single item purchases.

Can I buy a gift card?

You certainly can. Gift cards for all budgets can be purchased online here .
The recipient will choose what to buy with it so you can stay assured he/she will be happy!

What fabrics do you carry?

We carry the most up to date fabrics collections from the best mills in the world: Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Cerruti 1881, Lanificio Drago, Holland & Sherry, etc etc

Do I have to get measured every time I order new custom garments?

The answer is no if you haven’t changed in weight. All you need to do is choose fabrics for the new garments.

How do I wash my custom garments?

Suits, sport jackets and trousers should always be taken to a good dry-cleaning service. Not every time you use them, but rather when you think it’s necessary. The other times, just use a steamer at home to regenerate the fibers and to kill the bacteria that retain the odor. Read more about it here.
Dress shirts can be washed at home or be taken to a good dry-cleaning service. If you wash it at home, use “gentle cycle”, cold water and let it air-dry on a nice hanger. DO NOT put them in the dryer as you’ll destroy them.

Where are your custom garments manufactured?

All of our custom garments are proudly tailored in Italy. We emphasize this with our clients because our product is superior to many clothiers out there that use some random companies in China, Vietnam, India.
We know our tailors PERSONALLY. We don’t enter your measurements in a system and someone, somewhere, makes your garments.
Also, our Master Tailors have been doing this for generations and we can assure you that their work environment meet the FAIR TRADE standards.

What's your return policy?

Because custom made garments are tailored exclusively for your body, they cannot be returned. However we guarantee 100% perfect fit and won’t rest until you are happy!
The ready-to-wear garments can be returned within 15 days, if they have not been altered.

Is there a warranty on your garments?

The answer is yes. We will replace garments with defects.
Alterations are FREE for custom made garments up to 3 months.
3 months after your last fitting, alterations will be due.

What payment methods do you accept?

Virtually any credit card, cash or zelle payments.
We are planning to start accepting cryptocurrency in the near future.