6 things to check in a suit

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One of the biggest mistakes gentlemen make when they buy a new Ready-To-Wear Suit is to buy one that is “comfortable” and loose like a tracksuit, so it doesn’t feel like wearing a suit.

And while a good suit should be comfortable and breathable, allowing you to fully move your arms and legs…

They’ll make you look like a potato bag…which is NOT good.

So, here’s what you should check when you’re wearing a Ready-To-Wear Suit:

Jacket Closure:

If your jacket sags forward, that means it’s too big.

On the other hand, if you see the jacket pulls apart at the bottom (causing a wide gap)…it means your jacket is too tight.

The jacket should be comfortable and the two sides of the jacket will meet flawlessly.


Do you want to wear the suit for a special event (e.g. wedding) or for business?

For summer, winter, or all seasons?

These are important questions you have to ask yourself BEFORE you buy a suit.

For example, if you want a suit for summer, you should go with light colors (e.g. light grey, light blue…)

Whereas for winter dark colors are a better option.

If you want to play safe (and STILL look very stylish), I recommend you get a navy blue or dark grey suit…Both are versatile and you can wear them on almost ANY type of occasion.

Shoulder Seam:

This is a small detail that makes a BIG difference.

Always check the shoulder seam ends just before your shoulder does.

If it’s too long, it doesn’t look good on you and it’s probably too big for you.

On the other hand, if it’s aligned with your shoulder, that means it fits well with your body.

Suit Length:

If you want to know the length of your jacket and make sure it’s RIGHT…

Just stand up and keep your hands down at your sides.

The jacket should end in the middle of your hands, somewhere between the beginning and end of your thumb.

If it goes beyond the fingers of your hand, then it’s too long.

If it stops at your wrist, then it’s too short.

Sleeve Length:

That’s another common mistake gentlemen make when they buy a suit.

Usually, the sleeves of the jacket are either too long…or too short.

The sleeves should sit at the top of your wrists, so they can allow a quarter to a half inch of your shirt cuff to show.

Pants Length:

Pants bottom should not bunch up too much.

This is probably the BIGGEST mistake gentlemen make. They don’t pay attention to the length of the pants.

And the result is similar to the picture you can see above (doesn’t look that good, right?)

Make sure the pants leave little or no break, meaning they stop right where the shoe begins.

These are 6 things you should check every time you’re going to wear (or purchase) a Ready-To-Wear Suit.

And this is why when you buy a Ready-To-Wear suit at Massimo Roma, we always offer our customers to make some alterations…

So they can get a Ready-To-Wear suit that makes them look stylish and stand out from the crowd.

Even better…

If you want to show everyone your superb taste and dress like a stylish Italian…

Then I always recommend my customers go with a bespoke suit.

This is the type of suit that will fit your body to PERFECTION. Customizable to the single detail, it will fulfill your needs and personal style. Not to mention it’ll take your style game to the next level.


Arrivederci a presto,


Massimo Mattetti — Owner of Massimo Roma