Five Timeless accessories every gentleman should own

Add that extra “touch” to your outfit

“Accessories are the secret ingredients that can bring your style game to the next level and show your unique personality.”

This is one of my favorite quotes.


Well, think of it this way:

If you are going to meet some colleagues (or friends) and everyone is wearing a classic business suit or a very similar outfit…How can you stand out from the crowd?

The answer is simple:


Pocket squares, tie clips, bracelets, belts, hats…the list is long.

However, there are 5 must-have accessories that you should definitely own…and will NEVER go out of style.

1. Watch  It’s probably the most important accessory you should own.

And no, I’m not talking about smartwatches.

I’m talking about classic wristwatches (such as dress watches, diver watches, or Chrono watches).

Fact is, a timeless watch makes you look more elegant and adds a personal touch to your outfit.

And because a classic watch is way more stylish than a modern smartwatch, you could get a lot more compliments…and make you stand out.

2. Necktie

A high-quality necktie is not only to decorate your neck and shirt.

It’s designed to make your personality look more charismatic and unique (nowadays many people avoid wearing it because they prefer casual outfits). It also commands respect and adds color to your outfit.

If you want to get a high-quality necktie to elevate your style, I highly recommend you schedule a free consultation with me here.

3. Pocket Square  A pocket square is used to add a hint of color and sophistication to a formal outfit.

It’s an item that draws attention to yourself and lets you stand out from the crowd.

Last but not least, it’s an effective conversation starter, especially if you are wearing a pocket square with bold colors or a particular pattern.

4. Cufflinks Cufflinks are some of the most elegant accessories you could own.

Their main function is to hold the sleeves together on shirts with French cuffs.

They are normally worn on formal occasions, and they add a touch of style to an outfit.

When you wear cufflinks, you can showcase your individual taste as well as your attention to detail.

5. Sunglasses Sunglasses offer protection from the sun and help you look more stylish….and mysterious.

When it comes to buying sunglasses, you need to take into account your face size and shape, so that you can match your face shape with the right style of sunglasses.


You only get one chance to make a great first impression!

Un Saluto,

Massimo Mattetti —- Owner of Massimo Roma


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