Are expensive suits worth it?

A man in a suit and tie holding his cell phone.

The answer is…


When you walk into a shopping mall, it’s quite easy to see many ready-to-wear suits or sport jackets that look good at a very affordable price.

So many times you probably wondered something like:

“Why should I get a $2000 suit when I can get one of these suits at $300â€

Are quality garments worth it?

Short answer:

Because a $2000 is MUCH better than a $300 suit.

Medium answer:

It depends if you consider a suit a long-term investment or not.

Let me explain…

Cheap suits look cheap and can be often spotted a mile away

Unlike cheap suits, a $2000 suit are meant to last many years.

Often 10+ years.

On top of that, when you walk into a room with an expensive suit, everyone can feel you’re wearing an expensive garment.

This also means you’ll get more compliments, command more respect, and make an impact.


If you are on a budget and want to buy a suit that you’ll use rarely, only for informal occasions, then it might make sense to buy a $300 suit (always better than wearing a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie…!)

However, if you want to have a great garment that will make you feel confident when you attend ANY event (and convey your unique style)…

Then I’d highly recommend you invest in a high-quality suit or jacket.

A perfect fit combined with great craftsmanship – From our Zegna fabrics collection

Lastly, before you buy a garment, always make sure:

  • It fits well (FIT is everything)
  • The fabric is good for the season (e.g. linen for summer)
  • The quality of tailoring

And here’s my personal opinion:

It’s better to buy a high-quality garment that you love, rather than five cheap garments that you don’t.

If you’re interested in getting a high-quality suit that lasts for YEARS and makes you feel more confident and respected by your peers…

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Massimo Mattetti — Owner of Massimo Roma